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NANA: Non-Arabic Name Arabizer

Introduction of NANA نعنع

NANA, which stands for Non-Arabic Name Arabizer (نعنع 'mint' in Arabic), is a system that arabizes, with a high degree of accuracy, non-Arabic names. This is not limited to Latin names, such as Jack Halpern to جـاك هلبرن, but also includes a truly unique technology: the direct arabization of CJK names. This means that the arabization rules and algorithms are specifically adjusted to names written in their original scripts -- romanized readings (shown in parentheses below) are unnecessary. For example, the Japanese place name 埼玉 is arabized as سايتاما (Saitama), the Chinese name 杨海洋 as يانغ هاييانغ (Yang Haiyang), and the Korean city of 부산 as بوسان (Busan).

Developed by our team of experts on Arabic orthography and phonology, NANA is a versatile, expandable system that represents the best of arabization technology today.