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The CJKI Comprehensive Chinese Dictionary

Download a printable press release (.pdf).

The CJK Dictionary Institute (CJKI), a Japanese institute that specializes in the compilation of large-scale CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) and Arabic lexical resources, is pleased to announce the release of The CJKI Comprehensive Chinese Dictionary (CJKI汉英英汉大辞典) for the iOS platform (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch).

For the first time, smartphone users can access the most comprehensive Chinese-English dictionary ever published via a superb user interface that takes full of advantage of the outstanding features offered by the iOS platform. Based on the world's largest Chinese-English dictionary resources, this dictionary has undergone extensive editing by a team of native speaker editors to make it suitable for the iOS platforms.

The publication of this new dictionary marks a major event in the history of Chinese lexicography. Covering nearly half a million Chinese-English and English-Chinese entries, this dictionary is designed for the convenience of both English and native Chinese users alike. Modern lexicography has been effectively integrated with sophisticated information technology to produce a powerful tool with a friendly user interface.


This dictionary includes a rich set of features, such as high quality audio and full support for Traditional Chinese. Searching the dictionary is very flexible, allowing the user to search for Chinese pinyin, zhuyin, traditional radicals or even from their English meanings. A friendly user interface of superb design makes it very easy to use this app. For example, the scroll wheel for radical lookup is very convenient. In addition, no Internet connection is required, which means the user has instant access anywhere any time.

The major features of this application include the following:

  • over 500,000 Chinese-English and English-Chinese entries

  • intuitive interface for quickly looking up Chinese characters by radical

  • over 80,000 Chinese example sentences and phrases

  • part-of-speech codes

  • high quality audio for all Chinese words and phrases in the C-E dictionary

  • precise pinyin pronunciations for all entries

  • full support for simplified and traditional character forms

  • full support for zhuyin (bopomofo)

  • display of the components of compound words on the E-C side

  • neutral tone is accurately indicated for all headwords, compounds and examples

  • tone sandhi is shown in brackets after original pinyin

  • interface available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English


This dictionary has various features that make it a highly effective reference tool for learners of Chinese. This includes displaying the meanings of components of compound words, accurate treatment of the neutral tone, optional tone sandhi, and last but not least high quality audio for all Chinese words and phrases. A feature especially useful to learners is the part of speech codes, helping the learner understand words in context.

The various search methods provided by this dictionary ensure that users, both learners and native Chinese alike, can quickly access any character or word, even if its pronunciation is unknown. Its ease of use, richness of content and friendly user interface give users instant access to comprehensive coverage of Chinese characters, words and phrases along with detailed meanings and grammatical information.