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English-Chinese Dictionary of Computer Terms


We are engaged in the development and continuous expansion of a comprehensive lexical database of approximately three million Simplified Chinese (SC) and Traditional Chinese (TC) words, terms, and idioms covering general vocabulary, proper nouns, domain-specific terminology, and neologisms. This document introduces our comprehensive English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary of Computer Terminology, which contains about 100,000 SC and 100,000 TC entries, including acronyms.

This dictionary covers both SC, used in the PRC and Singapore, and TC, used in Taiwan, Hong Kong and among overseas Chinese. SC is often converted to TC by code conversion, which leads to poor results. Two more advanced approaches are called orthographic conversion and lexemic conversion. The former is similar to American 'color' vs. British 'colour', whereas the latter corresponds to American 'gas' vs. British 'petrol'.

An example of orthographic conversion, marked "O" in the table below, is 头发 converted to 頭髮 and 出发 to 出發. An example of lexemic conversion, marked "L" in the table below, is 'laser', translated to 激光 in SC but to 雷射 in TC. For details, see Jack Halpern's paper The Pitfalls and Complexities of Chinese to Chinese Conversion, presented at several international conferences.


This dictionary has four major features that distinguish it from any other Chinese computer dictionary available today.

  • Comprehensive: Currently covers about 60,000 terms based on highly reliable frequency statistics.
  • Up-to-date: Constantly updated and expanded to include very recent terms, especially those appearing on the World Wide Web.
  • Numerous Acronyms: Acronyms play a crucial role in computer terminology. This dictionary contains more than 10,000 acronyms, including the most recent ones, fully cross-referenced to the expanded forms.
  • Traditional Chinese: the TC is not merely a code-conversion of the SC, but has been carefully proofread to ensure accuracy both on the orthographic and lexemic levels, as explained above.

Because of these features, this dictionary is an invaluable tool for translators and for use in various IT applications such as information retrieval (IR), machine translation (MT), and input method editors (IME).

Data Sample

English-Chinese Bilingual Computer Terminology
English Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Type Cross-reference
conjunctive search 按“与”检索 按“與”檢索 O  
file 文件 檔案 L  
Internet 因特网 網際網路 L  
program 程序 程式 L  
CD-ROM 光盘 光碟 L  
information 信息 資訊 L  
computer network 计算机网络 電腦網路 L  
computer system 计算机系统 電腦系統 L  
modulator/demodulator 调制解调器 調變解調器,數據機 L modem
modem 调制解调器 調變解調器,數據機 L modulator/
computer software 计算机软件 電腦軟體 L  
database 数据库 資料庫 L  
simulation 模拟 類比 L  
flowcharting 流程图编制 繪製流程圖 L  
expert system 专家系统 專家系統 O  
Ethernet 以太网 乙太網 L  
directory 目录 目錄 O  
deadlock 死锁 死鎖 L  
compatibility 兼容性 相容性 L  
dot pitch 光点 點距 L  
entity-relationship diagram 实体关系图 實體聯繫圖 L  
full-duplex 双全工 全雙工 L  
hard-wired 硬连线的 固定線路程式 L  
browser 浏览器 瀏覽器 O  
point-to-point protocol 点对点协议 點對點協定 L PPP
Joint Photographic Experts Group 联合图形专家小组 聯合圖像專家小組 L JPEG
ADSL 不对称数码用户线路 非對稱數位用戶迴路 L Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
DHCP 动态主机配置协议 動態主機配置協定 O Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DRAM 动态随机存储器 動態隨機存取記憶體 L Dynamic Random Access Memory
ISDN 综合业务数字网络 整體服務數位網路 L integrated services digital network
AGC 自动增益控制 自動增益控制 O Automatic Gain Control
CHINADDN 中国公用数字数据网 中國共用數字資料網 L China Digital Data Network
CPU 中央处理器 中央處理單元,中央處理機 L Central Processing Unit
DOS 磁盘操作系统 磁碟作業系統 L Disk Operating System
EISA 扩充工业标准结构 延伸工業標準架構 L Extended Industry Standard Architecture
FAQ 常见问题 常見問答集 L Frequently Asked Questions
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line 不对称数码用户线路 非對稱數位用戶迴路 L ADSL
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol 动态主机配置协议 動態主機配置協定 O DHCP
Dynamic Random Access Memory 动态随机存储器 動態隨機存取記憶體 L DRAM
Integrated Services Digital Network 综合业务数字网络 整體服務數位網路 L ISDN
Automatic Gain Control 自动增益控制 自動增益控制 O AGC
China Digital Data Network 中国公用数字数据网 中國共用數字資料網 L CHINADDN
Central Processing Unit 中央处理器 中央處理單元,中央處理機 L CPU
Disk Operating System 磁盘操作系统 磁碟作業系統 L DOS
Extended Industry Standard Architecture 扩充工业标准结构 延伸工業標準架構 L EISA
Frequently Asked Questions 常见问题 常見問答集 L FAQ