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Dictionary of Chinese-English Neologisms

We maintains a comprehensive lexical database of about three million Simplified and Traditional Chinese entries covering a broad spectrum of fields including proper nouns, technical terminology and general vocabulary. This is a sample of our bilingual Chinese-English database of neologisms.

This database has several important special features that make it unique:

  1. up-to-date and is updated on a regular basis.
  2. comprehensive and is constantly growing.
  3. based on the world's largest Chinese corpus, authoritative lexicographical resources, and the web.
  4. general in coverage and excludes specialized technical terms or slang.
  5. accurate and consistent, as it is being carefully proofread by our team of professional Chinese editors and lexicographers.

The part of speech (POS) codes are explained in Chinese POS Chart.

Dictionary of Chinese-English Neologisms
X000101NC充直chong1-zhi2charge a cell phone
X000101NC打车da3-che1take a taxi
X000102NC网虫wang3-chong2webaholic, nethead
X000038NC网吧wang3-ba1Internet cafe
X000075NC洋学子yang2-xue2-zi3foreign student in China
X000160NC绿色消费lü4-se4-xiao1-fei4green consumption
X000180VO封镜feng1-jing4finish filming
X000618NA三港san1-gang3seaport, aerial port, information center
X000835NC滞闭zhi4-bi4excessive stock of unsaleable items
X000852NC隐形收入yin3-xing2-shou1-ru4employee's income apart from wages
X000854NC:V换笔huan4-bi3write with a computer instead of a pen
X000871NC银色浪潮yin2-se4-lang4-chao2aging of the population
X001358NC可视会议ke3-shi4-hui4-yi4video conferencing
X001380NC实转shi2-zhuan3put a project into practice
X001691NC泡会pao4-hui4participate in a very long meeting
X001725NC软质量ruan3-zhi4-liang4quality of technical service
X001927NC投市tou2-shi4appear on the market
X002202NC跌眼镜die1-yan3-jing4make a wrong prediction
X002406NC:V曝丑bao4-chou3wash one's dirty linen in public
X003092NC软新闻ruan3-xin1-wen2trivial entertainment news
X003120NC套餐tao4-can1fixed price menu
X003578NE:V修理地球xiu1-li3-di4-qiu2cultivate the land