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CJKI Vietnamese-English Dictionary

This CJKI Vietnamese-English Dictionary, which covers general vocabulary, has been optimized for the convenience of Android users. It contains enough English equivalents and other information to give the user an in-depth understanding of Vietnamese words and phrases without cluttering up the screen.

This dictionary caters to the needs of learners by providing Vietnamese example sentences, as well as synonyms and antonyms when appropriate. Etymology of foreign loan words and notes about the currency and usage of particular words, such as outdated words or words only used in particular dialects, are shown.

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  • Contains over 27,000 Vietnamese entries

  • Numerous example sentences show how Vietnamese words are used in context

  • A reverse index allows searching for Vietnamese from the English

  • Synonyms, antonyms, loan word etymology and annotations further clarify word meanings

  • Instantly jump to cross-referenced entries in the English translations

  • Designed for the convenience of both Vietnamese- and English-speaking users

  • Offline dictionary - no Internet connection required

  • History and Bookmarks

  • Clean, easy to use interfaces in Vietnamese and English